How it works


Security is our top priority. We created this website to give you a peace of mind that you are in contact with another law enforcement officer. Know that through a detailed process and continual efforts by the LETrader team, we will do our due diligence to make sure that you and anyone else on this website is a credentialed law enforcement officer.

Who is allowed access to Letrader?

All current Active, Reserve and honorably active retired Law Enforcement officials in local, state, and federal assignments can have full access into our website. Academy attendees will be required to submit a verified agency letterhead to our team before receiving access to our website. If you are an academy attendee be aware we will have a six month and one year audit of your credentials.

Sign up security verification

When you sign up, we require a photo of your Law Enforcement credentials front and back. You will create a profile for us and other members to further identify you as law enforcement. After, you will gain immediate access to the Marketplace, but your profile will read "Unverified" for a limited time (usually a few days). During this time, you will be able to buy, sell, and trade on our website, but your profile will let other officers know you aren't verified yet. After verification is done we will remove the "Unverified" tag on your profile. In addition to to the initial verification, we continuously audit our system for fraudulent accounts. We will also rely on you as law enforcement officers to inform us if you see anything suspicious on our website so we can take immediate action.


After signup has taken place, you have access to the secure Marketplace. Our uniquely designed marketplace will allow you to view items for sale such as, but not limited to, firearms, duty gear, and tactical gear. We ask you to be fair, honest, and forthright in selling, trading or buying any gear from any other brother or sister in blue. LETrader is not responsible for the buying, selling or trading of any gear. LETrader does not set or recommend prices, nor take a percentage of any sale. All sales are individually transferred and agreed upon by users of our website. Shipping and payments, when applicable, are made from one user to another and the LET team will not be responsible for lost or damaged items.


We require you to create a profile with your department and years of service. We prefer your first name and a uniformed picture of yourself. A strong profile allows us to "police" ourselves for dishonest accounts. Note: your profile is only viewable from within the secured marketplace by other verified law enforcement officials.

Profile Ratings

Profiles will have 5 stars next to them as you do business on our website. Users will be able to rate you as a seller and buyer. We hope this keeps everyone honest and forthright in their sales. In the event you suspect a fraudulent account please contact us immediately. The LET team will review these on case by case basis and if we see it necessary can and will suspend accounts which are fraudulent or dishonest.

Firearm Transfers

Currently we are working on our partnered FFL Page, we ask your patience as we compile this national partnered list over the next several months Our website under "resources" section will have an ongoing compiled list of FFL dealers located all over the U.S who we have spoken to and who are willing to do a transfer for our members for free or a discounted rate. It is your responsibility to know your state and local laws when transferring firearms from one individual to another. LETrader is not responsible for any transactions taking place on our website. If you are a FFL dealer or recommend a dealer who might be interested in being listed on our website, please contact LET team for more information.

MarketPlace Postings

LET team has worked tirelessly to create a page that is easy to navigate and find things you are looking for. We ask for you to be diligent in posting things in their proper category. For instance, if it is a firearm part (half, quarter or anything that does not operate as it will be sold) post in the firearms parts and accessories category and not the firearms portion.

Law Enforcement related businesses

If you are a Law Enforcement officer, and you own your own business offering either training, or selling an item, contact our team for more information on listing your service or product on the website in the near future. This is not yet available but will be a future add-on to the website.